When to Die

Inside the World of Civil War Reenacting

When To Die is a film that examines the legacy of the United States Civil War through reenactors.


Production Team

When to Die was directed and produced by Justin Miller and John Paul Pacelli, lifelong friends since grade school - a friendship forged over a shared passion for a film. In 2010, Miller graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Sales Management and a BA in English; Pacelli, a Masters Degree in Architecture from Tulane University. After fives years in their designated fields, Miller and Pacelli began to pursue their lifelong interest in film when they founded their own production company, Old Glory Productions. When to Die is the duo's production and directorial debut. 

The production team consists of various contributors who have worked with Old Glory Productions since When to Die's conception in 2012. 

Justin Miller - Producer/Director

Justin is President and co-founder of Old Glory Productions. Justin conceived of When to Die after being asked to join a Civil War reenacting unit based out of Illinois. His exposure and prior involvement in reenacting was paramount in gaining access to the reenacting community. Justin directed the production phase When to Die. Justin can be reached at Justin@whentodie.com



John Paul Pacelli - Producer/Director

Creative Director and co-founder of Old Glory Productions. John Paul is an architect by trade. He left his position at OMA in 2015 to pursue When to Die full time. John Paul directed the post-production phase of When to Die. John Paul can be reached at JP@whentodie.com






Left to right: Justin Miller, John Paul Pacelli, Corey Lillard (Director of Photography), Kris Bass (Co-Director)

Gettysburg, PA: July 2013

When to Die is produced by Old Glory Productions, based out of Illinois. All rights and editorial control of When to Die belong to Old Glory Productions. Any inquiries or comments can be addressed to Justin@whentodie.com or JP@whentodie.com.